Re-Rooted: La Panza Olive Oils

La Panza Ranch introduces our premium California olive oil. From our agricultural practices to our presses to our packaging, La Panza puts careful intention behind all our decisions to prioritize the freshest flavor and highest quality. This year, the orchards are bustling with both olives and elation. But while some things in life change, our olive oil will stay the same: fresh and enticing flavor in every drop. At the heart of our product line is our lifelong commitment to Olio Nuovo, “the new oil.” Just as each of our olive oil blends accentuates all the enlivened flavors that the first press of the season can offer, the La Panza owners are keeping up the tradition.

Pressed to Perfection

Grown on the idyllic La Panza Ranch in Santa Margarita, the orchard and press are both deeply rooted in California soils where we only produce extra-virgin olive oil (EVOO). At La Panza, the oil’s freshness is unparalleled. In homage to the great orchards in the Mediterranean, we carefully tend to our trees, harvest the fruit, and mill and press the oil on site. Cold-pressed within hours of harvest from three varieties of Spanish and Greek olives, our EVOO is then packaged in dark glass bottles, ceramic jugs, and our innovative Pantry Pouch. By limiting exposure to damaging elements like light and heat, all of our packaging options make sure that our oil stays fresh longer. 

Exquisite Olive Oils

From branch to bottle and pit to pouch, La Panza olive oils bring the flavor. Our options offer something for everyone. All are made from Arbequina, Arbosana, and Koroneiki olives. Different ratios and harvesting times give each blend a unique character. 
  • The Chef is your go-to oil for everything. A balanced blend of fruity, tangy, and smooth, keep this oil in your back pocket (or, more realistically, on your kitchen counter) for salad dressing, sautés, and sauces. 
  • The Estate is smooth and delicate, perfect to drizzle on salad greens or soak into a slice of ciabatta. Fresh and fancy, this blend is the olive-lovers dream. You get the fresh taste of olive in every drip, and the succulent mouthfeel makes it the perfect garnish for any hors d'oeuvre
  • The Outlaw is the choice if you enjoy feeling the pungent tang of fresh olive oil in the back of your throat. Fiery and robust, it complements any main dish. Pair it with chicken thighs or tilapia fillets for an elevated experience with a kick.
  • Arbequina Olive Oil our newest release, is pressed from pure Arbequina olives to give you a pleasant fruity taste with buttery undertones.
Any bottle or pouch makes an excellent choice, but you can try all our blends in one of our multipacks. Get three bottles in either 250ml or 500ml sizes, or really stock up with our six-pack that includes two 500ml bottles of each blend.
Any drop of our golden-green blend is a mouthwatering masterpiece, and the world has noticed. Both our Chef’s Blend and Outlaw Blend received prestigious awards from the New York International Olive Oil Competition (NYIOOC). Setting the standard for olive oil aficionados, the NYIOOC award winners constitute a list of the most reputable and recommended extra-virgin olive oils on the market. Try these along with the rest of our oils. Each is available individually, combined in thoughtful bundles, and paired with other treats in tasteful gift baskets. Check out our selection to find the drizzle of your dreams.