From our orchard to your table, we want the best for our olives. That’s why we put our heads together to develop a new take on storing olive oil. We’re pretty excited about what we came up with, and we think you will be too.

"Our innovative pantry pouch packaging offers impermeable protection from air, moisture, light, and temperature to maintain freshness longer."

Protect & Dispense

Even the best extra virgin olive oil isn’t immune to the damaging qualities of light and air. Though a pantry staple, olive oil goes rancid when exposed to oxygen, light, and high temperatures. To limit exposure, proper packaging can both increase olive oil’s shelf-life and preserve its quality. We want you to have the same experience enjoying our Olio Nuovo (Italian for the freshest and highest quality oil) that we do. We’ve hit the extra virgin olive oil gold mine with our blends of Arbequina, Arbosana, and Koroneiki olives, and we want our packaging to reflect the quality of oil that we press.

 Innovative Design

The classic take to preserve olive oil is by packaging it in a darkened glass or stone bottle. We love our bottles and they work exceptionally well, but the Pantry Pouch sets a new standard for olive oil storage. The Pantry Pouch prioritizes olive oil quality without sacrificing countertop convenience. It’s easy to store and perfect for the home chef. Offering our largest volume of oil, the pouch’s air-tight seal keeps the extra virgin olive oil fresh. It all comes down to effective materials and unparalleled design. Located at the bottom of the pouch, the dispenser keeps an airtight seal that prevents oxidization. It’s also lined with a metallic interior that regulates temperature and keeps out light.

Commitment to Sustainability

As both olive farmers and citizens of our shared planet, we are committed to sustainable practices at La Panza. Reducing emissions and waste was on our list of priorities when designing the Pantry Pouch. Compared to glass bottles, our pouches use 80% less carbon and produce 90% less waste. We are proud that the Pantry Pouch delivers quality without hurting the environment.