The Fruit Of Opulence and Outlaws

At La Panza Ranch, we weave together intentional farming practices with state-of-the-art oil presses to produce the award winning La Panza Olive Oils

Rooted in California Soils

Just like the olive tree’s tap root, our practices are deeply planted in premium California soils. For over a century, the 15,000 acres have served as a farm, a cattle ranch, and a refuge for notorious outlaw Jesse James. But La Panza is more than that. The land is an oasis of natural springs, forested slopes, and mountain vistas. With the mild winters and warm summers of the Central Coast, our 280-acre olive orchards thrive in the Mediterranean climate. Grown and processed right here on the ranch, we don’t let the olives out of our sight without ensuring the oil’s freshness and quality. 

From Farm to Table: Our Process 

We don’t mess around with olive oil. From our orchards to the drizzle on your plate, we have curated every step of the process to give you the freshest olive oil around. The Italians call it Olio Nuovo, meaning “new oil.” Lauded as the highest quality oil, our Olio Nuovo offers an abundance of nuanced flavors. The secret to our scrumptious oils? There is none. We want to be completely transparent about our process so you can rest assured knowing you are getting the best of the best. We’re packaging up freshness. From picking to pouch, the entire process happens within eight hours. 


We are mindful of our planting and harvesting. Our super-high-density orchards improve consistency in our olive production and fruit quality. We grow three types of olives that each have their own appeal. Of our two Spanish varieties, Arbequina olives bring rich aromatics and the Arbosana olives capture notes of green tomato and almonds. From Greece, the Koroneiki olives pack a punch with intermingling flavors of pear, pepper, and fresh grass. Early in the fall, just as the fruits are changing from green to purple, the olives are harvested directly from the tree and taken directly to the mill for processing. 


After the harvest, the fruits are first separated from the plant’s debris and then washed. Then they are milled to create a smooth paste. Our mill crushes the entire olive with stainless steel rollers and millstones.  


To make extra-virgin olive oil (EVOO) and retain all its delectable flavors and nutrients, the extraction must be purely mechanical. After the milling process, the olive paste is pressed to squeeze out the oils from the remaining olive pith. The oil then rests in a tank to fully separate from any remaining water.

Storage to Last

After passing rigorous quality checks, our oil can finally be packaged. From our bottles to the Pantry Pouch, all our packaging is made so the oil will last. Opaque materials and tight seals protect the oil from the elements. 

Blended to Perfection

Our orchards are harvested at peak maturity to ensure the freshest quality. But our expertise doesn’t stop at extraction. Each of our olive varieties brings a nuanced flavor profile. Mixed together in delicate ratios, we’ve created three blends of olive oils that celebrates the fruit of California. From the buttery smooth flavor of the Chef Blend to the fiery kick at the finish of the Outlaw Blend, our oils each live in their own special place in our pantries and hearts.