La Panza Olive Oil: Key to Healthy Living and Delicious Meals

When we come across an ingredient that tastes good and promotes healthy living, we first ask “what’s the catch?” But when there isn’t one, our mission is to incorporate it into every soup, salad, and sweet treat we can. La Panza olive oil is one of these rare birds. Full of flavor and nutrition, our olive oil is the sweetheart of salad dressings and the sizzling vixen of sautés. It adds complex, yet accessible flavors that range from smooth and buttery to peppery and robust. Not only that, every ounce of this “press to pantry” staple is extra-virgin olive oil. Milled and pressed on-site at La Panza ranch, our oil retains all of its anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory nutrients that can give any diet that Mediterranean edge.

The EVOO Difference

It goes without saying that the freshest, cold-pressed olive oil is the best tasting. Adding heat and extractive ingredients may be cheaper and easier, but they degrade the quality of olive oil. In fact, most of the options on the shelves of your local big box stores have already gone rancid or never met the EVOO standards in the first place. 
But extra virgin olive oil is something to savor, and you’ll know it when you taste it. In just a spoonful of the good stuff, a mix of fruity, earthy, and herbaceous flavors should coat the palette. Real EVOO should also leave you with an olive’s quintessential tang at the back of your throat. 

The Health Benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The flavor is only half of the deal. La Panza EVOO also has a multitude of health benefits. As a monounsaturated fatty acid, it’s known to be a heart-healthy fat. But its cardiovascular benefits don’t stop there. Rich in both vitamins E and K, these antioxidants support blood health and protect against heart disease.
The same compound that causes your throat to tingle, oleocanthal, has its own list of anti-inflammatory health benefits. In both tests with brain cell cultures and on mice, the addition of oleocanthal limited the formation of brain plaques that contribute to Alzheimer’s disease.

Olive Oil Every Day!

How to use our olive oil? We’ve got a few ideas…
  • Simple Vinaigrette: mix three parts olive oil with one part lemon juice or balsamic vinegar. Class it up with other flavors like whole grain mustard, minced garlic, maple syrup, and crushed black pepper. Douse over a bed of fresh spring greens.
  • Olive Oil Cake: No one said olive oil can’t be in dessert! In fact, high-quality EVOO adds depth of flavor and intense moisture to cakes and brownies. Try this recipe from the New York Times for a rustic and hygge treat that works exquisitely with our Estate Blend.
  • Get your pan sizzling! Our olive oil is perfect for sautés, marinades, and roasts. From chicken to fish to veggies, EVOO enhances the natural flavors in any food. Our olive oil is made to be used. 
Try a pouch of our oil yourself, or pursue our selection of gift bundles for the perfect present to round out any holiday. La Panza olive oil promotes healthy living and thoughtful giving!