La Panza

Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil Pantry Pouch

If you’re looking for your next go-to olive oil, the Estate Blend is a must for your kitchen. La Panza proudly grows Arbequina, Arbosana, and Koroneiki olives, harvesting them at the peak point of their maturity. These Greek and Spanish olives are rich and aromatic, each one bringing its own subtle tasting notes to the mix. The Estate Blend is perfectly crafted to highlight these notes, resulting in a well-balanced extra virgin olive oil that you can use for just about any purpose in your kitchen.

Attributes: The Estate Blend is deliciously smooth and has a slightly sweet taste. It finishes with some peppery notes on your palate to create a well-rounded olive oil that perfectly pairs with a number of different dishes.

Uses: This blend is very versatile in that it can add subtle flavor to a variety of entrées but is flavorful enough to shine on its own. Just drizzle this liquid gold over the top of your favorite salad instead of dressing to let the taste of the vegetables and olive oil really come through. You can also crack some fresh black pepper into a dish with some Estate Blend EVOO, break off a piece of crusty bread, dip, and enjoy.

Pair it with: As noted, this extra virgin olive oil pairs beautifully with salads and bread. However, it also works in harmony in dishes where pasta, poultry, and seafood are the star ingredients.

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