La Panza

1 Bottle Monthly Subscription



Purchase 1 bottle of either Arbequina or Outlaw Extra Virgin Olive Oil a month & receive a FREE bottle every 6 months. 

Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil is smooth with a balanced and complex profile. The arbequina olives used in this olive oil are harvested at dawn and immediately cold-pressed in our mill to preserve its distinct fruity flavor. 

Attributes: fresh, fruity and highly aromatic 

Uses: perfect for drizzling and dipping 

Try With: fresh bread, seafood and salads

Outlaw Extra Virgin Olive Oil was carefully crafted to add a fiery touch to its Mediterranean taste. The aromatic olives used come together to serve up a kick of flavor to any dish the olive oil is paired with. 

Attributes: this award winning extra virgin olive oil blend is perfect for any olive oil lover. The Outlaw Blend adds a robust finish to whatever you decide to pair it with.

Uses: with its fiery finish, the Outlaw Blend is perfect for being one of the star components of any main course dish. It’s exceptionally well-suited for chicken or fish dishes to add a subtle hint of flavor.

Try With: grilled chicken breasts or add a little punch to some baked tilapia or other delicate whitefish.